About Us


Bearded Villains

Dedicated to
The Beard – Charity – Family – Respect – Loyalty 

Our Mission Statement;
“To unite Bearded Men of all cultures, races, creed and sexuality in a  Brotherhood devoted to Loyalty, Honour and Respect towards all people,  dedicated to the betterment of mankind through fraternity, charity and  kindness” 

Our Story:
Originally established in 2014 in Los Angeles, USA, with the purpose of  showcasing the bearded men with character from your next door neighbour  to the supermodel on GQ magazine. 

Our Brotherhood has grown WORLDWIDE now and organically took shape of  its own. We have Chapters in Germany, Canada, Greece, Netherlands,  Australia, Mexico, 25 States in the US and all over the UK to name a  few. Our Chapters activities are Charity Work, Support, Respect and  Loyalty to THE BEARDED VILLAINS BROTHERHOOD

World Wide Chapters

| Western Washington (USA) | Argentina | Belgium | Spain | Romania | Southern California (USA) | Western North Carolina (USA) | North Pack (FRANCE) | Ottawa (Canda) | Luxembourg | Washington (USA) | Sweden | Puerto Rico | Veracruz (MEXICO) | Pennsylvania (USA) | Mississippi (USA) | New Mexico (USA) Georgia (USA) | BV Finland |